Workwear jackets and sweatshirts designed for the harshest of weathers

If you wear Assent sweatshirts and jackets, you can work outside in the worst weather - even when it's raining or a cold wind is blowing.

Our sweatshirts are made of a warm, brushed tracksuit fabric, and the material of our jackets is a functional soft shell fabric, so they are water and wind resistant, durable in high winds and they'll keep you nice and warm.

Keep all your tools at hand at all times with the help of side and breast pockets found on both our jackets and sweatshirts.

We think about your look, too. The adjustable width of the waist and sleeves will ensure the jackets fit you perfectly. The sweatshirts have elastic straps in their sleeves and the lower hem, so they can be adjusted to your body size.