Workwear Trousers LYDDEN

Workwear Trousers LYDDEN

Men’s working trousers mainly suitable for painters and bricklayers.

The trousers have 6 pockets and a multifunctional fastener, so you will always have your tools at hand and they won’t get in your way - even when you squat. The trousers have:

  • 2 denim front pockets,
  • A patch pocket with velcro lapel,
  • A pocket for a zigzag rule,
  • 2 back pockets, one of them with velcro flap,
  • Tool fastener,
  • Thickened knee area with the possibility to insert knee pads.

You will appreciate their elastic waistband, triple stitching and reinforced stitching in all areas for rugged use. As a result, these trousers keep their shape and elasticity.

In addition to that, they are also light and permeable as they are made of 100% cotton.

Size range: 44-66Size chart >
Material: 100% cotton
GSM: 310 g/m²
Product no.: 0302 0251