Personal Data Protection

Rehamij Nederland B.V., Ambachtstraat 10, 2861 EX Bergambacht, (hereinafter administrator) is obliged to treat the personal data of addresses and participants of educational events (hereinafter subject) in accordance with the Act no. 101/2000 about personal data protection as amended.

The subject agrees to personal data processing by the administrator, which will be provided to him him by a contract for the purposes listed below. The administrator processes the personal data in the extent of:

  • First and last name, phone number, email address,
  • IN, VAT identification number and company name,
  • Images, video files.

By this agreement, subject takes note that when participating in an educational event, photographic, audiovisual or other records showing the subject may be recorded. In accordance with the law provisions § 5 Act no. 101/2000 about the amendment of certain laws, as amended, the subject willingly provides an approval of recording and processing of such records as personal and sensitive information for the purposes listed below. This agreement is provided for an indefinite duration.

All personal data and sensitive information are collected and processed strictly for the purposes of:

Marketing materials and presentations of the administrator on the webpage, profiles on the social media, written presentations of the administrator, events held by the administrator or events on which the representatives participate, marketing and business activities of the administrator; including propagation of business messages relating to his products or services.

The subject is aware that the agreement in keeping with processing of personal data, provided in accordance with the law about personal data protection and law about certain services provided by information companies, is voluntary and that this agreement can be annulled at any time. Annulment of this agreement must be done through an email sent to info(at)rehamij(dot)nl

The subject has access to his personal data for the entire duration of the processing period. If in doubt of having correct or full personal data, the subject has the full right for explanation or their correction.