Workmen all across Europe want our working clothes.

We’ve been co-operating with workmen from many different fields - bricklayers, painters, carpenters or DIYers since the 90s as a major Dutch company took us under their wing.

We observe them at work, talk to them, and ask them about their needs. Then we design workwear to fulfill those needs. Our products are based on honest research and experience from real-life situations.

Quality over quantity

We don’t sell hundreds of workwear trousers from which you have to choose, compare, and make compromises.

We designed a single pair of trousers for each profession. They are exactly what you need. They are comfortable, practical, durable and what’s more: they look great. Same goes for sweatshirts, jackets and T-shirts.

Excellent price-performance ratio

Our trousers have triple stitching, we make sweatshirts from a warm blend of cotton and polyester, and our jackets please our customers with numerous exceedingly functional characteristics. Yet they are still sold at bargain prices.

Hundreds of workmen from the Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries wear our working clothes every day.

They all know why.